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New Route Announced

A new alternative route for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was announced Friday, February 12th, taking a more southern path through the Monongahela and George Washington National Forests. In typical Dominion fashion, the new route shows total disregard for the people, communities, and special places that make up our part of the world. In Augusta the new route cuts right through the entire Deerfield Valley until it joins with the existing proposed route in West Augusta.

View the new Augusta County route
View the Augusta County Fact Sheet
Read more about the new route
View Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition’s Interactive Map

Augusta County Study
Regional Report

Price tag to Augusta County? $48 million per year, according to new economic analysis

Augusta County Alliance and four partners released an in-depth economic study that reveals the true costs to individuals, communities, and local governments of construction and operation of Dominion’s pipeline.The results are astounding: an estimated cost of up to $44 million in lost property values plus $48-52 million each year in lost economic growth and property tax revenue in Augusta County alone.
Read the Augusta County specific study and the regional study.


Dominion Releases New Reports

On March 24th, Dominion released the proposed locations for contractors yards and service roads required for pipeline construction. In some of these locations, you can expect 800-1000 workers to filter through daily. Further, Dominion filed another report photo documenting each house included in the report drawings. Read the report here (Augusta County starts on page 15) and if you’re on the map, you can find a photo of your home here or here. All of these files are large, so may take time to download.

The Augusta Alliance Pipeline Campaign

Dominion Power and its partners announced plans in June 2014 for a new major natural gas pipeline through more than 40 miles of Augusta County. In September 2015, Dominion filed its formal application with the Federal Energy Resources Commission (FERC) and released a map of the proposed route that has since been revised several times. View the route.


If federal and state officials approve the proposed high-pressure 42-inch natural gas transmission pipeline, it would be the largest project of its kind ever built in the county. Dominion plans to clear a construction corridor up to 125 feet wide through our community’s headwaters, streams and tributaries, private forests, neighborhoods, and farmland. The pipeline would impact private and public lands, including the George Washington National Forest, the Appalachian Trail, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. A permanent, 75-foot treeless corridor would be required for maintenance. View our fact sheet.

We, your neighbors at Augusta County Alliance, are concerned about the potential long-term damage from building Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline on protected rural lands in Augusta County. Continue reading.