Becoming an Intervener in FERC

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Docket #: CP15-554

On September 18, 2015, Dominion Resources, Inc. filed their Certificate Application for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) with FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Now that Dominion has filed the Certificate Application, individuals or groups can file with FERC as interveners. Status as an intervener allows individuals to submit comments and documents “on the record” to the agency. As an intervener, you will also be allowed to appear at ACP-related hearings and have legal standing to state your case in front of a court. Whether you are a landowner along the proposed pipeline route, a resident who gets drinking water from Augusta County or City of Staunton water supply, someone who is concerned about the proximity of the pipeline to our schools, someone who worries about the effect of this pipeline on our quality of life, someone who worries about the county’s decreased property values that will result in higher taxes, or a citizen who enjoys the George Washington National Forest, we all have a stake in ensuring the pipeline does not get built.

We encourage you to become an intervener on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Docket #CP15-554.

Registration closed on 10/23/2015 but you may still file as an “out of time” intervener. As an intervener, you will receive the applicant’s filings and all other public Commission documents related to the case and materials filed by other intervening parties. While there are no risks or legal obligations, as an intervener you will be required to submit whatever comments or documents you submit to FERC to the “service list,” the list of all the other parties who have signed up at the time of your submission. This can be done fairly easily over email.

The following information outlines the steps to register with FERC and submit your opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project by 1-registering with FERC e-filing, 2- filing as an inteverner, and 3- informing others on the service list.

Be aware that there are several steps in this process and it will likely take 20-30 minutes.

How to Register Yourself:

  1. Enter into your browser. The page should look like this:
    Image 1
  2. Click on the eRegister Image button. This should bring you to registration. Fill out the following two pages.
    Image 2
    Image 3
  3. After have registered with FERC, you should get an email that looks like this:


    Once you have gotten this email, you are now able to sign up for FERC’s eFiling (electronic document submission), eSubscription (receiving all information related to your relevant docket), eComment (comment submission), and to become an intervener.

  4. If you return to the FERC Online Home Page , you should be able to log-in with your email and password. You will then come to this screen.
    Image 4
  5. You are now registered with FERC and able to take further action to halt Dominion in the FERC process.
  6. From here, you will access the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project by entering the docket number CP15-554 into the various sections listed. If you wish to register for the eSubscription, for example, you will go to “eSubscription” and click, “Add New Subscription.” If you are following the ACP project, you will receive email notifications whenever new documents or comments are submitted. Next step is to file as an intervener.

Filing as an intervener:

  1. Return to the FERC Online Home Page, and click on “eFiling.”
  2. Choose the following pathway: “General” –> “Intervention” –> “(doc-less) Out-of-time Motion to Intervene.” Click “Next.”
  3. Enter docket number CP15-554 on the next screen. This is the docket number for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Hit “Search.” Click the blue Blue Button button to add the docket number. Click “Next” to proceed.
  4. You will now see the “Document-less Out-of-Time Intervention Description” page. Enter the reason you wish to be an intervener in the box. You may give any reason you wish which may include:
    • you are a landowner on the pipeline route,
    • your drinking water supply may be impacted by the pipeline (this includes residents of Staunton),
    • you are concerned about the proximity of the pipeline to our schools,
    • you are concerned about the effect of this pipeline on our quality of life,
    • you pay property taxes in Augusta County and worry that decreased property values will lead to higher taxes,
    • you are concerned about impacts to the George Washington National Forest,
    • you are a Dominion customer/stockholder–or whatever you feel applies best to you.

    Then, click “Next.”

  5. On the “Specify Filing Parties” page click “on behalf of other party(ies) if you are filing on behalf of a group, or “as an individual” if you are filing for yourself or another person. If you are filing as an individual, enter your e-mail and click, “Add as signer.” Click “Next.”
  6. You will now see the Submission Description page. You can keep the pre-formatted text, reading “(doc-less) Motion to Intervene of Your Name Here under CP15-554-000. Click, “Next.”
  7. On the “Summary” page, click “Submit.” You will receive an email “Receipt of Filing” first, followed by an “Acceptance for Filing.”
    Image 6

Informing the Service list:

  1. The next step is to contact all parties who are on the Service List which is required of all interveners. The Service List includes the e-mails of the filer(s) and all parties who have thus far signed up as interveners. Anytime you file any comments or documents, you must download the latest list and email copies to every party on the list.
  2. Return to the FERC site and click “Query Service List”
  3. You may have to Log In if you have not already, entering your FERC ID and password and click “Log In”
  4. Enter the docket # CP15-554 and click “search”
  5. Click on the blue cross under “select”
  6. “type of address” should read “email”; “format” should read “delimited with semicolon”
  7. Click “download list” and save to your computer. It will read as a .txt document.
  8. Cut and paste this list to the address of your e-mail and click “enter” and it should populate your e-mail address field with all of the e-mail addresses on the service list
  9. Enter “Docket #CP15-554 – Motion to Intervene” into the subject heading
  10. Compose the following message: “Please be advised that (your name) has filed a Motion to Intervene with FERC on Docket #CP15-554” and close with your name and address as you have registered with FERC.
  11. “Send”

This completes your responsibilities and you are finished registering as an intervener!

  1. Be sure to save all of your emails that you receive from FERC or other parties regarding the ACP. Docket#CP15-554.
  2. Remember that anytime you submit comments or files, you must redownload the most recent service list and e-mail copies to everyone listed. You are only required to send them to those on the list on the date of your submission as it is the responsibility of new entries on the service list to be up to date on previous submissions to FERC.
  3. When you complete this step, please contact Nancy Sorrells, co-chair of Augusta County Alliance at 540.292.4170 or info[at]augustacountyalliance[dot]org or our partners at Wild Virginia at 434.971.1553 or info[at]wildvirginia[dot]org so that we can track citizens and organizations that have registered as interveners.

Augusta County Alliance wishes to thank our partners at Wild Virginia for compiling this guide to filing with FERC. For further questions, comments, or assistance, contact:

Wild Virginia
Misty Boos, Director
Wild Virginia logo