Churchville Pipe Yard Proposed


Thursday March 1
Dominion’s application for a special use permit was denied by a 4-1 vote!

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Past meetings

Thursday, February 1st
Meeting was not able to be legally open for public comment, so the application was tabled again until March 1 when public comments can again be accepted.

Thursday, January 4th
After hearing from 50 speakers in addition to almost 60 emails, Dominion’s request was tabled until the February 1st meeting so the board could fully consider the public input.


Agents for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) are seeking permission to get a special use permit to construct a 34-acre construction materials yard near Churchville at the intersection of Scenic Highway (Rt. 42) and Union Church Road. Dominion’s plan is to clear and level the existing farmland in order to stockpile pipe, fuel tanks, sand bags, silt fencing, equipment parts, etc. and to provide parking for construction equipment, employee trucks, and office trailers. If approved this would be the staging area for a significant area of ACP construction in western Virginia for 2 years!

Here are just a few reasons why we should turn out as a community and ask that the BZA deny this application:

  1. Think about this lovely rural setting and imagine the amount of heavy truck and equipment traffic fanning out in every direction along these narrow country roads on a 24/7 basis.
  2. Consider how this will affect the area’s water quality with every rain and snow event creating sediment runoff and with the amount of leaking, dripping fuel from vehicles and equipment.
  3. Visualize how the farmland will look with stacks of 40-foot long, 42-inch diameter pipe and a row of portable toilets.
  4. And, as usual, Dominion has pulled a switcheroo – this is not even the location of the pipe yard that Dominion submitted to FERC for approval.

The above reasons as well as concern from VDOT that the location doesn’t meet site distance (and therefore they don’t recommend approval), the concern from the county that the project doesn’t meet county code for a rural setting because the applicant doesn’t live on site, and that this is legally incompatible with the rural conservation zoning of the area are all sound and logical reasons why this application should not be approved.

Further, there are so many questions that Dominion has not answered about the site. For starters there is no traffic count analysis to know exactly what the increased volume of heavy trucks and equipment traveling these narrow country roads will be. There is no materials list to know what hazardous products might be stored on site (such as blasting materials), and there is no stormwater management or erosion and sediment control analysis, something that the State Water Control Board is also waiting for in regard to the ENTIRE route in Virginia.

These and additional concerns were submitted to the BZA by Augusta County Alliance at the conclusion of the February 1st meeting.