Colonel Charlotte Rea, U.S. Air Force

rea Charlotte Rea (Nelson County) retired as a full colonel after 26 years active duty with specialties in acquisition and logistics for aircraft, ICBM, and space systems.

Rea used a large portion of her retirement savings to give herself the gift of peace and solitude as she preserved a beautiful forest and wetland along the Rockfish River. The route that included clear-cutting the forest and destroying the wetland would have decimated her property value. Dominion refused to release her property from survey when it moved the route, forcing her to spend money on legal fees to fight trespass.

On Veterans Day remember to honor America’s veterans for defending our country and our freedoms and for their willingness to sacrifice all for our principles.

These men and women had our backs. Now let’s stand up for them.

Don’t let a private corporation take their land and trample their rights for private gain.

Say NO to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

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