FERC Comment Guide

Special thanks to our friends at Wild Virginia for creating this handy step-by-step guide to submitting comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) online. Please contact info[at]augustacountyalliance[dot]org with any questions. Now, let’s get started!

  1. Enter https://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/efiling.asp into your browser.

    The page should look like this:
    Step 1

  2. Click on the Step 2 button.

    This should bring you to registration. Fill out the following two pages.
    Step 2-2

  3. After you have registered with FERC, you should get an email that looks like this:
    Step 3 Once you receive this email, you are now able to take all of the following actions:

    • Make an eFiling (upload an electronic document of your comments)
    • Sign up for an eSubscription (receive all information related to this project)
    • Make an eComment (type in your comments).
  4. Return to the FERC Online Home Page https://ferconline.ferc.gov/FERCOnline.aspx. You should be able to log-in with your email and password. You will then come to this screen.
    Step 4
  5. You are now registered with FERC and able to take further action to halt the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Thank you.
    If you have a short comment (under 6,000 characters) click eComment – Submit an eComment
    electronically and follow the steps below. If you need more characters, skip to step #10 below. It will show you how to “eFile” and upload your own document of any length.
  7. You need to tell the system which project you are commenting on. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline project has four docket numbers, but you only need to enter one.

    Type CP15-554-000 in this box: Enter Docket Number
    This will appear. Click on the Blue Cross on the right: Blue Cross
    Step 7

  8. Now, write your comments or copy paste in comments from on online document.
  9. Almost there – Don’t forget to click the “Send Comment” Button. Send Comment
    You did it! Thank you for submitting comments!

    ***If you are an intervenor don’t forget the last step***
  10. eFILING:
    For comments over 6,000 words or to upload your own document select eFiling – Submit documents electronically from the FERC homepage: https://ferconline.ferc.gov/FERCOnline.aspx
  11. To get to the right place, select the following:
    • General
    • Comment (on filing, Environ, Report, or Tech Conf)
    • Comment

    Step 11

  12. Type CP15-554-000 in this box: Enter Docket Number
    This will appear. Click on the Blue Cross on the right: Blue Cross
    Step 12
  13. Now, click Browse to upload your comments.
    Step 13
  14. Click “Next” then “Submit”. Thank you for uploading your comments!

    If you are an intervenor, don’t forget the next and last step!


If you are a registered as an intervenor you need to also notify the service list of your comments. Anytime you file any comments or documents, you must download the latest list and email copies to every party on the list.

  1. Return to the FERC site and click “Query Service List”
  2. Enter the docket numbers for the ACP and click “search.” Docket # CP15-554-000.
  3. Click on the blue cross under “select”
  4. “type of address” should read “email”; “format” should read “delimited with semicolon”
  5. Click “download list” and save to your computer. It will read as a .txt document.
  6. Cut and paste this list to the address line of your e-mail and click “enter.”
  7. Enter “Docket # CP15-554-000 Comments” into the subject heading
  8. Compose the following message: “Please be advised that (your name) has filed Comments with FERC on Docket # CP15-554-000” and close with your name and address as you have registered with FERC. *SEND*