Sergeant Delbert Simmons, U.S. Army

simmons Simmons was skipper of an LCM Mike Boat that delivered cargo across the river delta in Vietnam.

Simmons (Bath County) and his wife recently chose to make their retirement home in Bolar. The proposed ACP skirts their property edge, meaning that they would not even be compensated through eminent domain for the loss of property value and the safety risk if the pipeline is built.

The permanent clear-cut will scar their views of the Jackson River Valley and Little Mountain, and they will have the ever-present worry of living within the “blast zone” of a pipeline explosion.

On Veterans Day remember to honor America’s veterans for defending our country and our freedoms and for their willingness to sacrifice all for our principles.

These men and women had our backs. Now let’s stand up for them.

Don’t let a private corporation take their land and trample their rights for private gain.

Say NO to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

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