Supervisors Oppose Surveys Along Proposed ACP Route

The Augusta County Board of Supervisors voted 7-0 on May 25 to send a letter to Dominion telling them that their chosen route through Augusta County does not comply with Virginia statute 56-49.01 (that allows natural gas companies to survey property without landowners’ permission) because it is NOT the “most advantageous route.”

The supervisors listed a number of reasons why the route, which traverses 56 miles through Augusta County, could not possibly be the most advantageous route including the fact that it goes NORTH and then SOUTH in order to go EAST. Because Dominion has not complied with the state code to create the “most advantageous route,” the county contends that Dominion therefore should not be allowed to survey for its proposed pipeline in Augusta County. They followed this letter with a cease and desist order to Dominion. Go Supervisors!

Augusta Supervisor Tracy Pyles outlined the county’s thinking in an opinion piece with Staunton’s The News Leader.

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