Thank Senator Emmett Hanger for supporting SB 726

Send Senator Emmett Hanger thanks for listening to his constituents’ concerns about the pipeline’s threat to clean water.

Call: 804.698.7524

Pipeline WEBGas transmission pipeline construction, particularly over steep mountains, can create severe run-off into streams and rivers and even into sinkholes. The result is contaminated drinking water. Augusta County farmers and builders must go to great lengths to reduce sediment run-off, and Dominion should not get a free pass.

On February 4th, 2016, the Senate Agricultural Committee considered​ ​Senate Bill 7​26​, which would have required large pipeline developers, like Dominion, to follow the same rules governing sediment and erosion control as all the rest of us.

Existing law does not require preparation and review of project-specific erosion and sediment control plans for large utility projects, unless the state DEQ asks for it (which it never does). And, further, the public has no access to these plans.

SB 7​26​ would have closed this loophole in the law by requiring that large utility projects that disturb 50 acres of land or more in any one locality, like Dominion’s pipeline, must file a project-specific erosion control plan.

Unfortunately, the bill did not pass out of committee, but Senator Hanger and four other senators sided with us on the 5-10 vote.

Please contact our state Senator Emmett Hanger ( or 804.698.7524) and thank him for supporting better oversight for pipeline construction.