Thanking the Forest Service

Lookout Mountain400Please take a minute to thank the Forest Service for its careful stewardship of OUR public lands.

Send your note to the Regional Foresters:

Kathleen Atkinson, Regional Forester
Eastern Region
Regional Office
626 East Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 800
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Tony Tooke, Regional Forester
Southern Region
Regional Office
1720 Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30309



Here are some suggested points to make in your letter:

  • We commend the Forest Service for taking seriously its responsibility to manage the natural and historic resources under its care and for making a careful and informed decision about the proposed route of the ACP. It is important for the Forest Service to protect highly sensitive and valuable resources like our drinking water, vulnerable species, and rare ecosystems.
  • We want to thank the Forest Service for protecting the best remaining wild lands of the central Appalachians on Cheat, Back Allegheny, and Shenandoah Mountains. These special lands are invaluable to local communities that rely on the forests for drinking water, economic contributions, and recreational opportunities.
  • We appreciate the Forest Service’s use of its substantial expertise to evaluate scientific and technical evidence of the problems with the proposed pipeline route, and to ensure that prehistoric and historic cultural resources found on the forest are protected.

The Forest Service has rejected the proposed pipeline route through the Monongahela and George Washington National Forests. The Forest Service specifically determined that the proposed route does not meet minimum requirements of initial screening criteria for special use of National Forest System lands in West Virginia and Virginia. The decision was announced in a January 19 letter to Leslie Hartz, VP for pipeline construction for Dominion Transmission, Inc.